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Tricks You Didn’t Know WriterDuet Could Do

WriterDuet isn’t your run-of-the-mill scriptwriting software. It’s jam-packed with features designed to enhance your writing flow. Here are a few of the nifty features you may have missed! Dark Editor

Finding a Writing Group

When I first started writing, no matter how much time I put into my craft, I knew something big was missing: Penguins A writing group! It wasn’t until I found

Branches Interactive Script Competition

WriterDuet is excited to be partnering with the Branches Interactive 2020 Script Competition! This competition focuses on the exciting interactive aspect of storytelling, with the ultimate goal of securing long-term

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10 Story Structure Events That Will Level Up Your Script (with GIFs)

You do not need any formula to tell a good story. That said, understanding the basics of story structure can unlock the freedom to be original. Let’s get after it!

WriterDuet v5 Is Crazy

We took a lot of time getting this version ready, and are really happy about the changes we’ve made in WriterDuet version 5. They are both deep and broad, like

WriterDuet v5 Beta!

WriterDuet v5 is now in Beta! In WDv5, we obliterate the concept of a totally linear writing process, because that’s nonsense. We still enhance your focus on the specific script,

WriterDuet’s free version doesn’t watermark your script

You may have heard that a different screenwriting program recently changed their free version to include a watermark saying “Created using…” WriterDuet doesn’t do that. We let you import and

How to Write a Screenplay: 8 Steps to Turn Your Idea into a Finished Script

You have just watched the most amazing movie. Or maybe the worst you’ve ever seen. Either way, you feel inspired. Great! The only problem: You aren’t totally sure how to

International Screenwriting Software of Mystery

You don’t go from small startup to international sensation overnight. For us, it took almost two weeks. Okay, maybe two years is more accurate, but now WriterDuet is stepping onto